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Migun is the only company in the world manufacturing these products with US FDA approval. The Migun product line is patented, and thoroughly tested in 27 countries around the world, with ongoing long-term research being done in hospitals in Korea, China, Japan, Germany, and in the United States at the University of California, Irvine. It is a revolutionary product in therapeutic health priced reasonably enough to be marketed to individuals and small businesses. Most such health enhancement products have traditionally been limited to use in hospitals and therapy units only. As an FDA approved 510k class 2 medical device, the purchase of a Migun bed does not require a prescription from a physician. However, if a client seeks a prescription for the Migun bed, the purchase qualifies as a deductible medical expense for Federal taxes (see your accountant for details and IRS guidelines).

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Complete Product List

Migun HY-7000UM

Migun HY-7000

Migun Mini-mat

Migun Mini Wrap Pad

NEW for Winter 2015!  Migun Relax Pillow

Migun Portable HY-777 Unit

SkinFive Hand Rejuvenator

Migun HY-7000-UM

The HY-7000-UM is our latest model, and the cutting edge in Thermal Massage Beds. The 7000 series is designed to provide a full thermal-massage treatment from head-to-toe. It includes all of the features of the HY-7000 bed, plus a number of new features – outlined below. Click here for our brochure. Click here for visual description.

> Enlarged size provides more comfort and support.
> Has an extra Acupressure massage program.
> Has a sleek but sturdy metal frame with hand rails to provide extra support
> Has a stronger motor and can therefore hold more weight.

Regular Retail price: $3695 + tax and delivery or shipping

Call 864.905.4844 to order now!

HY 7000 UM Specifications
Length:  6.58 feet
Width:  2.25 feet
Height:  1.42 feet
Weight:  165 pounds
Weight LIMIT: 380 pounds or 172.365 kilograms

Operating Temperature:  104 - 140 degrees (F)
Power Consumption: 269 W maximum

Migun HY-7000-UM

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Migun HY-7000 (2003 bed)  

The Migun HY-7000 bed provides many features. Click here for our brochure.
Click here for visual description. Click here for program demonstrations.

> All new External 15-Way Jade-Massage-Heads and 2-way Jade-Massage-Heads can be directly applied to desired areas.
> Fully adjustable settings for temperature of internal and external unit and movement of jade heads.
> All settings are easily adjusted using the remote-control.
> Foot massage program allows users to manually set massage area.
> Manual-mode allows users to place massage heads in any configuration.
> Seven automatic programs allow users to set desired treatment time and area.
> New exterior design blends well with home-furnishings.

Retail price: $3095 + tax and delivery or shipping

HY 7000 U Specifications
Length:  6.56 feet
Width:  2.30 feet
Height:  0.39 feet
Weight:  149.69 pounds
Weight LIMIT: 300 pounds or 136.077 kilograms

Operating Temperature:  104 - 140 degrees (F)
Power Consumption: 269 W maximum

Mugun HY-7000

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Migun Mini-mat

The mini-mat produces healthful negative ions (even when it's not plugged in!) and creates concentrated far infrared heat to speed recovery and soothe away chronic pain. It's the best heating pad you've ever experienced!
Click here to learn more about the benefits of negative ions.
Click here to view visual description.

Retail Price: $345 + tax and delivery or shipping
(SC sales tax applies only to SC residents; all other orders will be shipped tax free.)
Immediate availability depends on stock quantities in store.  May take up to 14 business days for delivery.
Call 864.905.4844 or email info@migunofgreenville.com
for more information and current availability.

Happy Mini Mat Owners

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Migun Mini Wrap Pad

The new Migun Mini-wrap offers the same great value you’ve come to expect from the Migun mat series (far infrared heat therapy and negative ion therapy using 100-year-old-stone patented technology) with enormous versatility for use on those hard-to-pinpoint problem areas.  Wrap it around your shoulders to soothe muscles and relieve chronic stress in the neck/upper shoulders; wrap around a shoulder before or after golf or other sports activities; wrap it around a sore knee, ankle, or elbow; wrap it around your lower back after a long day of sitting, standing or walking.  Increased circulation and decreased stress = a happier, healthier you!

Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Size: 9” X 25”
Weight: 2 lbs/ea
Temperature range: 86F ~ 140F

Retail Price: $209 + tax & shipping

Migun Mini Pad

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NEW for Winter 2015! Migun Relax Pillow


We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and the type of pillow we use can be harmful to our health.  This is why Migun developed a pillow that incorporates the functions of stimulating acupressure points and muscles around the cervical vertebrae that get tense and tight, especially after a day of work or play! 

The pillow has two sides: one is for acupressure stimulation, and the other is to sleep on it.  The jade caps gently stimulate acupressure points on sore neck muscles using one’s own weight.  The pillow helps maintain your neck’s delicate C-curve during sleep through an ergonomic design, and helps to provide a comfortable deep sleep.

Regular Retail price:  $275 + tax & shipping

Migun Relax Pillow ~ Protect Your Neck

Watch a demo video here.  (Note:  Please remember Migun is a South Korean product!)

Migun PORTABLE HY-777 Unit

Do you miss your Migun bed when you're on vacation?  Could you or a family member benefit from using the Migun hand-held jade units more frequently?  Migun has your solution!  Introducing the New Migun PORTABLE HY-777 unit!  Use the 15-jade or 2-jade away from your bed!  Don't have a bed?  You can buy the Migun Portable HY-777 separately, with its own specially designed 15-jade unit!

HY-777 with 15-jade
$649 + tax and delivery or shipping

HY-777 unit to be used with existing 2- and 15-jade units
$350 + tax and delivery or shipping

Order your portable unit today!** 
**Separate 2-jade and 15-jade units are also available. 
2-jades are $200 + tax and delivery or shipping and delivery or shipping;
15-jades are $350 + tax and delivery or shipping

Click here for more information!

Immediate availability depends on stock quantities in store.  May take up to 14 business days for delivery. Call 864.905.4844 or email info@migunofgreenville.com for more information and current availability.

Migun Jades

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American Chiropractic Association Recommends Everyday Use of the the Migun Thermal Massage Bed


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